Web Development

The Internet is changing. Old html sites are slowly vanishing and being replaced by a new generation of web technology. Fusing database architecture with cutting edge interactivity, this new breed of sites has come to be called Web 2.0. These new sites can be updated and modified by anyone with a web browser, and can accommodate thousands of users. They allow a brand new type of interaction between you and your customers. MerVideo is once again ahead of the curve. Imagine being able to change any page on your site, without learning HTML or figuring out FTP clients. You can just go into your site, login and click a button to edit a page right over a web interface.


We have been building complex media rich content management systems, since 2005, specializing in interactive education tools. We are a small development shop with a commitment to agile web development. Rather than requiring our clients to provide a perfect list of requirements and features, far in advance, we accept that development is an process of evolution and collaboration. We want to partner with you in designing the right site for you. This often means creating a prototype of the site and then collaborating with you to perfect it.


We can take an existing site, and add new functionality to it, or we can rebuild you site from the ground up, with a radical new structure. We can make every page on your site editable, so that you can securely change the content on your site. We can add rich HTML5 audio and video tools to your site. Instead of a simple FAQ, we can build a complete forum into your site, so that your users can generate a knowledge base with regard to your product.


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